Farm Direct News - 7 May 2008

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Spam Emails

Fake Farm-Direct addresses have been forged into the sender headers of a recent run of spam emails.

The spams offered the usual range of dubious products. They originated from a network of Windows machines in Morocco. These had almost certainly been hijacked by a bot net and the owners were unaware of the use to which they had been turned.

Farm-Direct regret the abuse but there is nothing we can do prevent it. None of the emails originated from computers under our control. None came from our users. The controller is probably in Russia, or possibly, the USA. The servers responding to customers appear to be in India but these too may have been hijacked.

To help prevent such abuse please keep your anti-virus software up-to-date or upgrade to one of the free, secure, Linux operating systems like Fedora and Ubuntu.

Posted: 7 May 2008