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Please enter your contact details below. These may, under your control, be automatically included with your adverts as you write them. If you enter your postcode you can include a link to a roadmap of your location just by ticking a box. Your username and password will be sent to the email address entered here. This does not have to be the same as the contact email address you use in your adverts.

When you enter an advert you use one credit or as many credits as you wish up to the number you have available. Each credit is valid for a minimum of one month or one hundred page downloads whichever takes longer. When your account is activated you will be able to check how many times each advert has been downloaded and how much credit remains. So with ten credits you might run one advert for ten months and a thousand downloads or ten adverts for one month and a hundred downloads.

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Note: Adverts for illegal or 'adult' items and services will be deleted and the credits lost.

We reserve the right to close accounts that remain inactive for more than twelve months.