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Farm Directs offers email addresses to those connected with farming. Some of our advertisers find them useful too.

Farm Direct email addresses - cost £10.00 per year. There are two types:

Email redirection
Any email addressed to is redirected to your usual dial-up account. Your correspondent need never know your dial-up email address and if you change ISP your address can be changed to point to the new dial-up and no one has to change their address book.
POP box
Your email can be held on the Farm Direct server until you download it. This option is more useful for those who access their mail from several different computers or several different ISPs. There is no need to notify Farm Direct of a move. This option is a little slower than redirection so it is not such a good idea for those who generally stay put.

Any email users detected spamming or using their farm direct address as a spam reply drop will have their account(s) terminated instantly. Spammers get no refunds.

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You will be invoiced £10.00 which sum you will be expected to pay by cheque or money order. Sorry we cannot accept credit card payments.