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Farm Direct's list of Farmers' Markets is in its infancy. Please tell us about your local scene.

If the same organisation runs several markets it might be worth bringing this page to their attention and asking them to fill in the details for all their markets, or they may email a list to

Please don't just copy information you have found on a website and don't copy anything from here to another website - that way all the websites wind up with the same out-of-date and sometimes incorrect information. Please check the details with the organiser first and then tell us (and all the other websites that list Farmer's Markets).

Please tell us who you are in case we need to clarify anything.

Your address will not be used for any other purpose. We used to delete email addresses as soon as we had confirmed the details. Due to abuse we have had to change the procedure. When we receive a modification to an entry or a request for deletion we will contact the recorded email address for confirmation.

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Please supply just enough detail for others to find the market.
Note: We will not include listings without some method of contact.
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